Terms of service


Welcome to KORNICH. By utilizing KORNICH's websites (encompassing all platforms, whether mobile, web, or otherwise) owned and operated by KORNICH, associated data, and/or related Services (collectively referred to as "Services"), you hereby consent to be bound by the subsequent Terms of Use, which may be updated periodically ('Terms of Use').

Permissible Use

Unless you are a real estate or mortgage professional in your professional capacity, your use of the Services is restricted to personal purposes only. Commercial utilization is limited to actions performed on your own behalf. Real estate or lending professionals, in the course of providing information to consumers via the Services or acting on behalf of a client (e.g., listing a home for sale), are also bound by these restrictions. Specifically, lending professionals at lending institutions are forbidden from utilizing the information supplied by KORNICH through the Services to make loan-related decisions. Subject to the constraints detailed below, you may duplicate information from the Services as required for personal viewing, saving, printing, faxing, or emailing. You further agree not to replicate, modify, distribute, exhibit, or grant access to, construct derivative works from, decompile, or reverse engineer any part of the Services. Additionally, you pledge not to offer or authorize a link to any of the Services (including, but not restricted to, your agent profile page) from a third-party website unaffiliated with a real estate or lending institution owned or managed by KORNICH. You are allowed to showcase and circulate derivative works stemming from KORNICH's data, provided that KORNICH is acknowledged as the source.

1) Acceptable Use

You pledge not to employ the Services in any unlawful manner that may harm KORNICH, its service providers, suppliers, or any other user. The distribution or posting of spam, chain letters, pyramid schemes, or analogous communications through KORNICH's Services is also forbidden. Furthermore, you are prohibited from assuming another person's identity or misrepresenting your association with another individual or entity. Apart from the explicit provisions herein, these Terms of Use do not grant you the privilege to employ, reproduce, distribute, display, or provide access to any part of the Services on third-party websites or otherwise. With the exception of the specific provisions herein and without limitation, you undertake not to, and shall not encourage or permit any third party to, reproduce, publicly exhibit, or make accessible via any other website, application, or service, any reviews, ratings, and/or profile data pertaining to real estate, lending, or other professionals, underlying images or information regarding real estate listings, or any other data or content available via the Services.

2) Automated Queries

Automated queries, which encompass screen and database scraping, spiders, robots, crawlers, and any other automated actions aimed at extracting information from the Services, are strictly prohibited unless you have obtained explicit written consent from KORNICH. As a limited exemption, publicly available search engines and similar Internet navigation tools ("Search Engines") may make inquiries of the Services and furnish an index with links to the web pages, solely to the extent that such unlicensed "fair use" aligns with applicable copyright law. Search Engines are barred from querying or searching information protected by a security verification system ("captcha") designed to restrict access to human users.

Materials You Provide; Account Use; Privacy; Third-Party Websites

For materials you contribute or otherwise supply to KORNICH in connection with the Services (your "Submission"), you grant KORNICH an irrevocable, perpetual, royalty-free global license to (a) utilize, copy, distribute, transmit, publicly display, publicly perform, reproduce, edit, modify, prepare derivative works of, or incorporate into other works, and translate your submission, in connection with the Services or in any other medium, and (b) sub-license these rights, to the maximum extent allowable by applicable law. KORNICH will not compensate you for your submission or the exercise of any rights connected to your submission, as described in the preceding sentence. KORNICH retains the right to remove or amend your submission at any time. For each submission, you undertake to supply accurate and complete information, asserting that you possess all requisite rights to grant KORNICH the rights specified in this paragraph, and that KORNICH's utilization of the submission will not infringe on any third-party rights and will comply with Section 2(a) above. All submissions made through your user account(s) on the Services, or otherwise made accessible through the Services, are your sole responsibility.

Sharing your user account(s) with others is prohibited, and you are accountable for all actions carried out through your account. KORNICH will handle your usage of the Services as per its Privacy Policy. Particular KORNICH functionalities may involve the dissemination of your submission to third-party websites beyond KORNICH's control. KORNICH disclaims responsibility for and makes no assurances or representations concerning these third-party websites, encompassing but not restricted to their content, availability, or functionality. You are responsible for verifying that your submission adheres to the Terms of Use linked to any such third-party website. You understand that your submission and your use of a third-party website will be managed in accordance with that third party website's distinct privacy policy.

Can I update or correct my information?

The rights you possess for requesting updates or corrections to the data collected by KORNICH depend on your association with KORNICH. Employees can revise or correct their information according to our internal company employment policies. Customers have the right to request the restriction of particular uses and disclosures of personally identifiable information, as follows:

  1. Updating or correcting your personally identifiable information.
  2. Altering your preferences regarding communications and other information received from us.
  3. Deleting the personally identifiable information retained about you on our systems (subject to the subsequent paragraph) by canceling your account.

Such updates, corrections, changes, and deletions will not impact other information we maintain, or data we have transmitted to third parties in accordance with this Privacy Policy prior to such updates, corrections, changes, or deletions. To protect your privacy and security, we may take reasonable measures (like requesting a unique password) to validate your identity before allowing profile access or making corrections. You are responsible for safeguarding the confidentiality of your unique password and account information. It is crucial to understand that it is not technologically feasible to erase each and every record of the data you have provided to us from our system. The necessity to back up our systems to guard against inadvertent data loss means that a copy of your information may exist in a non-erasable format that may be challenging or impossible for us to locate. Following receipt of your request, all personally identifiable information stored in databases actively utilized by us, along with other readily searchable media, will be updated, corrected, changed, or deleted, as applicable, at the earliest convenience and to the extent that is reasonably and technically feasible. With your consent, we store the name and phone number through form filling for customers interested in real estate. If you are an end user and wish to update, delete, or receive information about you, you may do so by contacting us at info@kornich.com.

The Role of KORNICH

KORNICH is a licensed real estate broker in Egypt.

Intellectual Property

The Services are the exclusive property of KORNICH. You are not permitted to use any of KORNICH's trademarks as part of your screen name or email address on the Services. KORNICH does not assert copyright claims or grant any rights to the underlying images or descriptions of real estate listings made available through the Services. Usage of these images and descriptions is subject to the copyright owner's authorization and/or the requirements of applicable law.


Under no circumstances will KORNICH or any of its suppliers be liable for any damages, including, but not limited to, indirect, consequential, special, incidental, or punitive damages arising from, based on, or resulting from these Terms of Use or your use of the Services, even if such party has been advised of the possibility of such damages. The exclusion of damages under this paragraph is independent of your exclusive remedy, as delineated below, and remains valid if such remedy fails in its essential purpose or is otherwise deemed unenforceable. These limitations and exclusions apply irrespective of whether the damages arise from (A) breach of contract, (B) breach of warranty, (C) negligence, or (D) any other cause of action, to the extent that such exclusion and limitations are not prohibited by applicable law. If you disagree with any part of these Terms of Use or have any disputes or claims against KORNICH or its suppliers concerning these Terms of Use or the Services, your sole and exclusive recourse is to discontinue using the Services.

Changes; Discontinuance

KORNICH retains the right to modify these Terms of Use at its discretion, with immediate effect upon posting the updated version of these Terms of Use on KORNICH's platforms. Your continued utilization of the Services subsequent to the implementation of such changes constitutes acceptance of and consent to such modifications. You also relinquish any right you may possess to receive specific notification of such changes to these Terms of Use. It is your responsibility to routinely review these Terms of Use. KORNICH may alter, suspend, or cease the provision of the Services to you and/or to others without prior notice.

Choice of Law; Disputes

These Terms of Use are regulated by the laws of the Arab Republic of Egypt, without consideration of its conflict of laws provisions. You consent to exclusive jurisdiction and venue in courts situated in Cairo, Egypt, for any and all disputes, claims, and actions arising from or in connection with the Services and/or these Terms of Use. In any dispute under this Agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to attorneys' fees and expenses.


You undertake to defend and indemnify KORNICH, its affiliates, and their respective directors, officers, employees, and agents against any and all claims and demands made by any third party stemming from or related to your violation of these Terms of Use, your usage of the Services, your infringement of any law or third-party rights, or any submission made through your user account on the Services or otherwise provided through the Services.


You release KORNICH, its affiliates, and their respective directors, officers, employees, and agents from any liability concerning any claims and demands that you may assert against any third party resulting from the Services.


You consent not to export any part of the Services provided by us from any location unless in compliance with, and in accordance with all licenses and approvals required by, applicable export laws, rules, and regulations.